About us

  We offer you modern Christian paintings by the well-known author Ladislav Záborský. Modern Christian art is a pleasant addition to a Christian household. The focus of his work is images of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, the Way of the Cross, images of saints, Bethlehem and images of biblical stories.

The reproductions of master Zaborsky's works 

His works depict us the message of Jesus' life, the relationship of God and man as well as the paths of human desires, dreams, passions or pitfalls of life.

These works are intended for all lovers of beauty and art, who do not have the opportunity to obtain the original works of this significant artist.

Shopping is fast, secure and very simple. You can search the works by themes (categories) or key -words.

Quality and Design

The reproductions are printed by sophisticated digital technology. This printing method is characterized by excellent color rendering and long life. We print reproductions on quality canvas.

Your picture will be printed on canva and stretched onto the blind frame. This design does not require additional framing, you can display the picture directly. However, if you are interested, you can continue framing the picture.

If you know in advance, that you want to place the picture in an ornamental wooden or other fame, you can order only a canvas, that you can frame.

In general, it is recommended not to expose the pictures to direct sunlight or a strong source of artificial light.